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Yzc2NjQ1MzQyNDU2MjMyMz: Apathy and refunds are more dangerous than Piracy.


I think I can safely say that Super Meat Boy has been pirated at least 200,000 times. We are closing in on 2 million sales and assuming a 10% piracy to sales ratio does not seem unreasonable. As a forward thinking developer who exists in the present, I realize and accept that a pirated copy of…

Very good read. I also believe this. both as someone who has mild experience in the game industry and also as a person who as a kid could not buy games quite frequently and Used to pirate which I have since then stopped, now I only support companies that as you state make me want to support them, by their outstanding customer support, them doing things that the fans want, etc. The companies that I would Pirate from would have gained no revenue from me If I had not done what I did, as my parents would not have bought me the game either way. So even if I did not pirate they would have made no $$$. ALSO I feel that I should add, some games I pirated as a kid caused me to buy future games by those companies that I would not have done Had I not Pirated and been able to experience how well they developed their games and how enjoyable they where, a example of this. I pirated Elder scrolls morrowind as a kid on my old pc, I enjoyed the game so much that when they launched Oblivion I went right out to buy it. Now that I do not pirate I no longer experience this.

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    Very sensible commentary on piracy and DRM. Some highlights: "As a result of piracy developers feel their hand is forced...
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